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The Birmingham Best Practice Club is a voluntary, not for profit regional organisation, set up as part on the Government's Constructing Excellence initiative. It provides a platform for exchanging knowledge and showcasing 'best practice' within the built environment.


Birmingham Best Practice Club is a forum for individuals to learn about the principles of Best Practice, while creating a culture and local support network of continuous improvement. It offers the opportunity for an informal group of highly developed, innovative people to learn from each other, share that knowledge, and ultimately improve their business.

We aim to:

    Promote the industry, its companies and products
    Offer advice and guidance to members on best practice and opportunities in the region
    Promote best quality and standards
    Inform and influence relevant bodies about best practice and how they can engage with the local construction industry
    Create a community of interest for its members
    Build upon progress already achieved and look forward to continuing to develop the working partnerships

Who can get involved?

Anyone who is in the construction industry can get involved - from the client or owner of a building, to the design team, main and specialist contractors, house builders and materials manufacturers and suppliers. However, anyone linked to the construction industry and its supply chain is also welcome to join. The club is there to share knowledge and best practice and there are benefits to anyone who joins. The only pre-requisite is that you should be committed to improving your performance.

Please contact a Committee member at any of our events or by email:


BBPC confirm that they will be partnering with Constructing Industry Council - West Midlands Region on events in 2015. The focus of CIC agenda for 2015 is addressing the skills shortage in the industry and G4C Birmingham will be working alongside the West Midlands CE Clubs and CIC to encourage and assist future generations of professionals into the industry through working with Schools, Colleges and Universities in the West Midlands. Details of the benefits to members to follow.